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    Beauty and Wellness

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    All our services share a passion: your beauty and well-being. Hairdressing and aesthetics is a means to that end.

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    A project in itself


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At Anim Peluqueros, providing our services is a total vocation.
We feel very fortunate to help you feel more at ease with yourself.

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Does anyone doubt that the wedding is the big event? Well, of course, your daughter’s or son’s wedding is another, and that day he or she won the competitive exams. Your event is one of our star services for us. Your day to day beauty is important, but the big occasions in your life are the moment to show off with our services.

Or that professional congress where you want to stand out. In short, you give importance to the event you want. We put the importance on you.

And we love what we do.


If there’s a bride or two at a wedding, there’s no one who attracts more attention. That’s just the way it is, isn’t it? Actually, both she and he have to feel extra special on the day. It’s the big day when love has been sealed in a ceremony, and we have guests, it’s our own personal big party. Don’t you think it needs an out-of-the-ordinary treatment?

A wedding service is a project in itself: it has to be planned, both in the style you want and when you want it. Attention, an engagement like that takes time, let’s talk about organising everything. You have to be beautiful, gorgeous, and you have to be on time.

Ough, there’s a lot to do.
Let’s schedule it now. 

Let’s also talk about whether you prefer us to come to your home, either your house or a hotel. For you or also for your guests? Let’s talk about your projects, you’ll be in the best hands.

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Haircuts for him and her. For children, teenagers, adults and seniors. We are all bearers of beauty.

Classic haircut, or avant-garde haircut? How do you want to feel? There are those who tell us, “do me last time”, and there are those who say “I want to change, I want to look different”.

How do you want to feel? Or put another way, how do you want to look? A haircut is about the way you look, it gives you character, it distinguishes you, it makes you special. At Anim Peluquería we advise you on the most suitable haircut according to the shape of your face, the oval, the profile… each person is different, and each haircut enhances or tones down what is necessary to enhance your beauty and personality.


Because the little ones also know what it means to show off. The little ones are welcome at Anim Peluquería. Their smile is our greatest satisfaction when we offer haircuts for girls and boys.


Colour, colour, colour! Your hair colour is a very personal thing. Flat, highlights, iridescence, tips, shades… Your colour makes you more you. Anim Peluqueros’ colour service is one of our flagships. Do you want to continue in your line? do you want to change? Tell us and we will put our best know-how in the colour service, so that you and your colour will be the most shining thing wherever you are.

At Anim Peluqueros we work with the best products and the best techniques, so that not only your beauty wins, but also your hair and dermatological health are totally respected and cared for.

Colour is a trend in itself in the world of hairdressing. Every season the colours are renewed, in line with the new tastes of fashion. Anim Peluqueros works with an eye on what’s to come, to make sure you can stay on trend if you want to.

Hair colouring is not improvised. Our staff analyses the calibre of the hair (fine, medium, thick), its texture, the condition of the scalp, the original colour, the dye you are currently wearing, the percentage of grey hair and the areas where it is most concentrated.

Colour is tones, reflections, nuances, combinations… the important thing is the harmonious, beautiful whole, as a result of our intervention. We know how to work, we love what we do. And we bring colour to life.

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Our treatments not only straighten, but also nourish and pamper your hair. Beauty and hair health have never been more closely linked.

Cauterisation: treatment that seals the hair fibre, restoring shine and naturalness to the hair.

Hair Botox: this is a 100% effective intensive treatment for deep hydration. Absolute repair of the hair fibre, broken or damaged by the use of excessive heat. Restores shine and softness, making brushing and styling easier from the first use.

Lactoplasty straightening: the proteins present in lactoplasty are used as enzymes and their function is to straighten the hair, reinforcing and repairing its structure from the inside, acting on the hair fibre. In addition, the lactic acid that gives it its name belongs to the alpha hydroxy acids or AHA, capable of altering the ionic charge of the molecules. This results in the recovery of the hair’s elasticity and strength.

Botox katrina: Lactoplasty can be applied in any season of the year, although it is very useful after the summer. In this way, the hair recovers from the punishment of the sun and sea water. Even curly hair can be reconstructed using the reconstruction technique. At home, you should use the Lactoplasty anti-ageing shampoo and mask, which contain the essential ingredients to prolong the treatment.


Short, half or full mane. Straight hair, wavy hair. Sculpted, braided… Each person is different, feels differently, likes different things, and wants to be the way they want to be.
We listen to you, we propose and build your new personal hair style. You will be more you, renewed, renovated.

Remember that we are in the world of beauty, which is changing, breaking with the old or evolving. Beauty and fashion, one in function of the other. At Anim Peluqueros we study and follow the trends, both in fashion and in techniques of execution, new products of support to achieve what you deserve: your hairstyle, very own, very you.

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